Eight things you did not know about Santorini

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Have you heard of the Greek Island of Santorini? White sand beaches, pristine blue waters, sunsets that look like something out of a fairytale. Santorini isn’t just a single island but an archipelago. Legendary Atlantis and Santorini may have been the same place, according to some beliefs. This history of Santorini is rich and full[…]

What does the coronavirus outbreak mean for your EHIC?

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The current coronavirus outbreak has dramatic impacts on the world. Half of the world’s population lives under lockdown. Experts are very careful when predicting the future developments of the outbreak What is an EHIC? The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers European citizens when they are traveling to other EU countries. The countries where the[…]

All you need to know about travel insurance

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Let’s talk about everything you need to know about travel insurance.  It might be boring but is important. Let’s talk about what it is, when you need it and how to get it. Ready? Good. Read on.  What is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance is protection against anything bad that can happen while you are on the[…]

10 things you did not know about Lisbon

Lisbon Europe Portugal European health insurance card

Today we dive into one of our all-time favorite cities. As you may have guessed from the title, this is about Lisbon. The capital of Portugal might live in the shadow of other cities on the Iberian peninsula, but its residents and visitors know well its charms, delights and attractions. Hopefully by the time you[…]

15 things you didn’t know about Turkey

Turkey Istanbul travel discover mosque EHIC

Today we are exploring beautiful Turkey, one of the few transcontinental countries. Turkey spans both Asia and Europe. Inhabited since the Palaeolithic era, Turkey has been taken over by various civilisations, including the Assyrians, Greeks, and Armenians. From the 14th century to the early 20th, Turkey experienced war after war. Its current political situation is[…]

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