Terms of Service

I acknowledge that I have British, EU, EEA or Swiss nationality and that all persons to be specified in this application are UK residents. I understand that should any person on this application decide to remain abroad to live or work, then the relevant authorities must be informed and the GHIC or Global Health Insurance Card (formerly known as the EHIC or European Health Insurance Card) returned. The information that I give on this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and I have read and accept the terms and conditions.

All information is stored and used in compliance with GDPR regulations. By using our service I am giving you permission to forward my details and request that the national health service to send me the GHIC card/s that I have requested. It is agreed and understood that the decision on whether to issue the GHIC Health Cards that I seek is entirely up to them and that you cannot be held liable or responsible should they decline to issue the card/s as whether they do so or not is entirely at their discretion.

I understand that I am processing my request via a third party company not affiliated with the government, national health service and that an administration fee is due proceeding via this route. I understand that there are other ways to secure a EHIC / Health card via official channels that do not incur a service charge. I also understand that if I am not happy with the service in anyway then I can request a full refund for the fee that I paid. I simply need to write to Submission Support, 8 Deer Park Road, London, SW19 3UU including my full name and email address used to make the online payment. I will then receive a 100% refund to the payment card that I used or receive a bank transfer if I included my sort code and account number in the letter.

I understand that this contract is governed by the courts of England & Wales and any disputes will be addressed in this jurisdiction. I also understand that data is frequently removed from your database on a routine basis but I am welcome to contact you if I would like my personal information deleted a more timely manner. I can contact you through the post or via email to make this request.

European Health Insurance Card EHIC Europe Terms and conditions

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