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European Health Insurance Card Submission Service - About Us

Who are we?

Submission Support Ltd t/a EU Health Card Submission Service is a privately owned company. We provide information and advice on an unofficial basis on the EHIC / European Health Insurance Card to consumers. 

Also, we assist applicants with the application and renewal of their European Health Insurance Card. We provide an unaccredited document checking and submission service in exchange for a modest third party fee.

Our services and charges are not mandatory. They can be avoided by contacting your doctor or applying directly with the National Health Service. We are a “Do it for you” service, to save you time. 

What do we do?

Welcome to the European Health Insurance Card Submission Service website. A third-party service where UK residents can apply for or renew their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, formerly known as the E111 card) with our assistance.

We also provide a wide range of helpful articles and cover most of the frequently asked questions that consumers have when travelling in Europe. You can find the links to these articles in the footer of each web page.

Many questions we receive are related to the validity of the EHIC. The below table is up to date as of December 2018…

The EHIC Card has changed over the years and..

It will also not provide you or your family with emergency health coverage in…

Keeping your EHIC with you at any time while abroad will make sure you are prepared in case you need medical treatment abroad. We recommend to double it with a good private travel insurance policy. You can choose one from this price comparison website.  

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