Monaco Grand Prix: get ready for the 2019 edition!

Monaco Grand Prix: get ready for the 2019 edition!

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is the most glamorous event of the sporting calendar. The race has been held in Monaco since 1929. Monaco is arguably the most important and prestigious race in the world. In 2019, the Grand Prix will take place from 23rd to 26th May. As every year, the international jet set is getting ready. Would you like to get a piece of the action? Let us give you some tips to plan your visit and make the most of it

How to get to Monaco?

The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera. France borders Monaco on three sides, the fourth side being the Mediterranean sea. Cool climate all year long and amazing scenery made of Monaco the perfect place to host the rich and famous during winter. The economic development of the country during the 19th century made it their recreation centre. English and French wealthy families used to spend the colder months on the French Riviera. Monaco was connected to Paris via train and hosted a casino. There is no other place like it: location, weather prestige, elegance, fun… Monaco has it all!

The quickest way to get to Monaco is via plane. You will land at Nice International airport after a 2-hour flight from London. The ride from Nice Airport to Monaco takes around 30 minutes, but you can expect spectacular traffic jams during the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend. If you want to arrive in style, you can book a helicopter transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco. Your transfer from the heliport to your final destination will generally be included. The prices range from €139 per person to €250 per person during the Grand Prix. If you travel on a budget, we would recommend you to use public transport from the airport. There are buses and trains going from Nice to Monaco, from €1.50 per person (one way)

Interestingly, there is also a train reaching Monaco city centre directly from London. In approximately 15 hours, you can leave St Pancras and arrive in the heart of Monaco.

Where to stay in Monaco?

When you arrive in Monaco, you immediately realize how glamorous the city is. It seems to have been built entirely for the wealthy. The Casino Square is a very good example: you will find there the magnificent Casino and the best hotel of Monaco, the Hotel de Paris. Supercars are parked everywhere in the city and it makes it a great place to spot the latest ones. The city caters for the wealthiest individuals on the planet and offers the best hotels you can possibly imagine. However, there are still some very authentic and affordable places.

Our good addresses:

Hotel de Paris (£££) – the most prestigious hotel out there. It is the place to be during the Grand Prix. You can watch the race from your balcony when you ask for an Ocean view room.
The Fairmont Monte Carlo (££) – the best hotel to enjoy a party weekend in Monaco. You will be right in the middle of the action. The best clubs and restaurants are meters from the hotel.
Hotel de France (£) – the location of this hotel is amazing, minutes from the incredible yacht line-up and the food market. Great quality/price ratio.

What to do in Monaco?

During the Grand Prix, the whole city stops and breathes for the race. Join the action in the grandstands or in a VIP terrace. You can find the best deals on the official Formula 1 website >

Also, we recommend you to pay extra attention if you purchase an off-the-shelf package. The Grand Prix weekend is known to be the priciest of the year, and you could get much better deals going direct. With a bit of organization, it is possible to book accommodation and tickets in advance and to enjoy the weekend without paying crazy prices.

While you are in the city, make sure to enjoy the gastronomy. In the old town, you will find authentic restaurants that are priced sensibly. Monaco cuisine is a mix of Italian and French savors, and it is absolutely delightful. The Oceanographic Museum is a fantastic visit, especially if you are with children. The views from the rooftop are simply stunning. The guards’ parade in front of the Prince’s Palace is a decadent tradition that worth viewing too.

A vous de jouer! Try for yourself!

We hope you will enjoy your visit to Monaco, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix or not. Before travelling, make sure your passport is valid and you bring your Global Health Insurance Card. Apply For Your Global Health Insurance Card Here > 

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