How do I apply for a Global Health Insurance Card?

How do I apply for a Global Health Insurance Card?


We can assist you to apply for or renew your GHIC. You can start your application here.

Please note that we are neither affiliated nor part of the NHS. However we can submit an application on your behalf for a modest fee, but we cannot issue the GHIC ourselves as this decision rests solely on the NHS. If you prefer to apply using the NHS service, the application or renewal will be free of charge.

The GHIC allows you to receive public healthcare while you are travelling for a temporary period in another country of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

If you are in need of medical treatment while you are travelling the GHIC (formerly known as EHIC)will cover it until you are back home. While you are abroad, you will receive the same treatment a local resident would receive in that country.

  • In most countries, this treatment will be either free of charge or at a reduced cost. If you receive treatment in one of these countries, you will either have nothing to pay or a fraction of the cost.
  • Some countries’ healthcare systems rely on patient co-payment. It means that the patients will have to pay a fraction of the public treatment they receive. If you receive treatment in one of these countries, you will have to pay the same amount a local resident of this country would pay.

We recommend you to always check what type of healthcare system operates in the country you are going to visit. For more information, please refer to our guide.

If you receive treatment in the UK for a medical condition, your GHIC will cover it as long as your trip is not specifically to receive this treatment. The GHIC covers routine maternity care as well. However, it is not allowed to visit a country to specifically give birth.

GHIC or Travel Insurance?

The GHIC does not replace private travel insurance as it will not cover any private healthcare or costs. For example, your GHIC will not be applicable in the following cases:

  • mountain rescue transfers in ski resorts.
  • if you receive treatment while you are on a cruise.
  • Repatriation cost to the UK.

We strongly recommend you to travel with both your GHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy. If you hold an GHIC, many insurers will waive the excess.