How much does an EHIC cost?

How much does an EHIC cost?

How much does an EHIC cost? The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is free when you apply from the NHS website. The EHIC will cover you when you are traveling abroad. If you need medical assistance, you will receive the same cover as residents of the country you are visiting. The EHIC is valid in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. We provide a “done for you” service and help you to save time in exchange for a modest fee. Please click here to start your application >

Save time, especially for families

When applying for EHIC for your whole family, it is important to keep in mind that each family member needs his own each EHIC. Even babies and children under the age of 16. For more details about EHIC for children and babies, please click here> If you are applying for your whole family, we can assist you with your submissions and save you time.

The health card is valid for five years. By renewing the cards of all family members at the same time, you are actually reducing the risk of forgetting to renew an EHIC. It may sound obvious, but in order to receive treatments when you are travelling abroad, the card has to be valid. Forgetting your EHIC or realizing it has expired generates stress and confusion when you need immediate medical assistance. We provide a very useful Reminder service and We will send you multiple reminders to remind you when your EHIC card is about to expire. This way you will have time to renew it and go on your next holidays with minimum stress, knowing you are covered in case anything would happen.

What are the different ways to apply for an EHIC

As we have previously said, the EHIC is free: you can apply directly on the NHS website. To apply via the NHS, please head over to the official website. The whole process usually takes a week, and the car is then valid for 5 years. You can apply online, or via phone, or download and print the application and post it to the NHS.

Our company provides submission support and can guide you through the application process, in exchange for a modest fee. We have a helpline and will answer your questions. We also provide advice via email. To give you an example of the support we provide, at the moment, we receive a lot of questions about Brexit and the EHIC after it. We are here to help you understand what it could change for you.

The service we provide is tailored to help you save time and effort. We recommend you to be careful of websites trying to replicate the NHS graphic identity and looks, hoping you will mistake them for the official website. The companies will try to charge you a high fee and will not provide any support.

Before starting your application, you should consider what is the best way for you: via the NHS, or via a third-party website that will also provide support. In any case, we recommend you to avoid websites that charge a high fee, trying to be mistaken with the official NHS website.

Don’t forget travel insurance!

The EHIC will cover you in most of the cases, but there are some exceptions. For instance, if you are going on a cruise, the EHIC will not cover you in case you need medical assistance while you are at sea. Another situation that is not covered by the EHIC is if you are being flown back to the UK from a ski resort. To check the list of exceptions, please click here >

A private travel insurance policy will cover you in these cases. It is important not to mix the benefits of the EHIC and a private travel insurance policy. The former provides healthcare while you are abroad, and the latter ensures your holidays are protected. Travel insurance is really useful in case your flight is delayed or canceled, or if the airline you picked is going bust. Usually, insurers recommend you to have an EHIC before applying for travel insurance.

Private travel insurance in Spain

If you are travelling to Spain, please make sure to check your travel private insurance policy beforehand. It may be a tedious task to read it entirely, but it could prevent you from facing large bills. Indeed, some travel insurers have sold fraudulent policies pretending to cover any hospital in Spain. However, some British holidaymakers have discovered with horror that they were not going to be treated in private clinics. In some cases, creating huge stress and potentially damaging the condition of the patient if this clinic was the nearest for them. Indeed, some patients had to be turned away and sent to public hospitals. And as you now know, treatments received in state-funded hospitals are already covered by your EHIC.

These insurers had to modify their policies. To avoid this situation, always double-check that you are entering a public hospital before receiving any treatment. On the other hand, make sure that your travel insurance policy includes private hospitals as well. Otherwise, it may be redundant and not offering much more than your EHIC. The health card and travel insurance should be complementing each other.


You can learn more about private travel insurance policies on our article here, and compare the prices here >. With a valid EHIC and private travel insurance policy in hands, you are ready to enjoy stress-free holidays. Please also remember that each family member needs his own EHIC.