Is my GHIC still valid if I have changed my name?

Is my GHIC still valid if I have changed my name?

Is my GHIC still valid if I changed my name?

The cardholder’s name has to match the name shown on identification papers to make it valid. If you have recently changed your name, you will need to renew your GHIC. This way you are making sure it is still protecting you.

As you know, the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) allows you to receive medical treatment when you are travelling in another country of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. The Global Health Insurance card (Previously known as European Health Insurance Card) is for a single individual: each member of your family needs one to receive the adequate cover.


Change of name by deed poll

There is no official legal process to change your surname. You can change the spelling of your name, remove or add a hyphen, or change it completely (first name and surname) simply using a deed poll. A deed poll is a legal document proving that you changed your name. You can do this document yourself (“unenrolled” deed poll) but some organizations like banks will ask for an enrolled deed poll. You must apply to the Royal Courts of Justice to change your name by enrolled deed poll: your name will be changed and you are putting it on a public record.

Your Global Health Insurance Card will not be valid if the surname on it does not match the one on your passport. That is why you should make sure to first update your passport and then renew your GHIC.

Marriage and civil partnership

When getting married or committed through civil partnership, you can change your surname if you wish. We recommend you to first renew your passport and update your family name. You can then renew your GHIC. You will not need a deed poll when taking your spouse’s or civil partner’s surname. A copy of your certificate of marriage or civil partnership will be enough to update the documents.

Getting divorced or ending a civil partnership

When you change your surname after a divorce, make sure to update it on your passport first. After that, you can renew your European Health card. You will not need a deed poll either. Simply forward a copy of the certificate of divorce or end of civil partnership and your passport will be updated.

You can apply here to renew your GHIC.