Is Valencia the best city in Spain?

Is Valencia the best city in Spain?

Valencia is arguably the best city to visit in Spain. It is beautiful, fun, and affordable. Food, architecture, culture, beaches and parties: the city seems to have it all! However, even if it has a lot to offer, it is sometimes overlooked by tourists when it comes to visiting Spain. Valencia remains in the shadow of Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao. Let’s discover why you should plan your visit to Valencia as soon as possible!

It is more affordable than Madrid and Barcelona

The cost of living in Valencia is around 20% less expensive than Madrid and Barcelona. It is true for restaurants, bars, activities, transports, but also housing. It means that you can enjoy nicer accommodations, close to the sea or right in the heart of the City. You will also be able to treat yourself with more restaurants, bars, and activities.

Despite being less expensive than its Spanish counterparts, Valencia has a unique style. It is a very sophisticated city, boasting gorgeous architecture and an elegant vibe. The locals are refined and the sense of tradition is high. For example, each evening, you will see families going for a walk in the city centre, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. It may not be exactly the same in the streets of busy Barcelona. Indeed, as the city is increasingly popular, it is often reported that there are too many tourists to enjoy a slow time.

You can do everything by Foot!

While Madrid and Barcelona are massive international cities with populations of 3 and 2 million inhabitants, Valencia is a relatively small city in comparison. With almost 800,000 inhabitants, its sheer size is manageable. Therefore, if you do like to walk, you can actually reach all the parts of the city by foot. Most locals who live in the city centre do not have a car. There are excellent transport links, with a very quick tube network.

The city is genuinely beautiful

Walking in the streets of Valencia is a fabulous experience. As we previously said, the city is genuinely beautiful. The architecture is an elegant mix of Medieval, Renaissance, art Nouveau and modern facades, and it gives the city loads of character. The iconic City of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment-based cultural, sci-fi-style architectural complex and is the main tourist attraction in the city. The weather is also fabulous, with 300 sunny days per year and a much nicer winter than in Madrid and Barcelona. You will find palm trees and gorgeous gardens all over the city.

A dramatic transformation of the city was the closing and drying of the river crossing the city after a catastrophic flood. The river has not been diverted and the bed of the river is home of the Turia Gardens. These Gardens almost circle the city entirely and are a true paradise for nature lovers, runners, and cyclists. You can have a look at the gardens here > 

The locals speak Spanish

When you arrive in Barcelona for the first time, it may come to you as a shock when you realize that not all the locals speak Spanish. Indeed, the official language in Barcelona is Catalan, unlike the rest of Spain where Castillan is the official language. Therefore, Valencia will be easier for tourists who speak Spanish. It is a great place to practice your Spanish as the city is less crowded and people are usually more patient with tourists.

The Las Fallas Festival is a hidden gem

Valencia has a very rich culture and one of the most impressive festivals in the world. The Las Fallas Festival is a 2-week long celebration with some of the best fireworks in the world, incredible statues of up to 20m height built for the occasion and burnt to ashes at the end of the week. The festival is a unique combination of art, satire, and fun and is not to be missed. It is usually at the beginning of March and lasts for 2 weeks. But please be sure to book your accommodation before your flights as it can be really challenging to find a place when on location. Please get in touch with us if you need help in preparing your trip there as we will be more then happy to help.

Getting ready

Are you ready to discover Valencia and its incredible gastronomy? We can assure you that Valencia is worth a visit! Before planning your trip, please remember to get a valid Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and private travel insurance. Travelling with the best healthcare is a priority and it is important to keep your documents up to date. To know more about the cover offered by the GHIC (Formerly known as EHIC), click here >

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