Should my child or baby have his own GHIC?

Should my child or baby have his own GHIC?

Should my child or baby have his own (GHIC Previously known as EHIC)? If you are going abroad with your young children, you will need to make sure they are covered too. The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) is here to provide the cover needed. Here is how to apply for an GHIC for your child or baby. This way you are fully covered in case your young child needs medical assistance abroad. You can now enjoy stress-free holidays knowing your family is protected.

What is an GHIC?

Starting a family is a beautiful achievement, and is actually the beginning of a new life. As a mother or father, you are now in charge of your children. This new life comes with its responsibilities, joys and its lot of stress. Obviously, you want what is best for your children and it means the best healthcare possible. Making sure your children are protected is certainly your first priority. If you are going to travel with your kids, you will need to get them a Global Health Insurance Card (formerly known as European Health Insurance Card ). As we will see below, each family member needs his own card.

European Health Insurance Card EHIC submission serviceThis card will offer you peace of mind when you are travelling in Europe and some other countries such as Norway, Switzerland or New Zealand. You can see the full list here > as some countries are not in the European Union. There are also some exceptions such as the Principality of Monaco, the Channel Islands, San Marino or the Vatican.

With your card, you are entitled to receive medical treatment as a local resident of the country would. It means that in most cases, you should not have to pay for your treatments. However, in some countries such as France, you will be asked to pay a proportion of the cost of the treatment. French citizens would pay the same amount as you would. In some other countries, you may need to pay your treatments but you will be able to claim your money back when back in the UK. Therefore it is really important to keep all your receipts if you receive any treatment abroad.

Brexit is threatening the validity of the GHIC. For what we know so far, the card may not be valid after 31 October 2019 as

One Global Health Insurance Card per family member

Each family member requires an GHIC to be fully covered. So if you have a child below the age of 16 you will need to help them get an GHIC. Indeed, children below the age of 16 cannot apply themselves. Only a parent or a guardian can apply for an GHIC on behalf of children under the age of 16. If your child is in a boarding school, the caring staff can apply on their behalf too.

There are no differences between a child’s card and an adult’s card. Therefore the cover provided is the same in both cases.

You will need the following information to apply on behalf of your child:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance (NI) number. Please note that temporary NI numbers are not accepted when you apply for an GHIC.

GHIC (formerly known as EHIC) for a baby

Even if your baby is only a few months old, you will need to apply for an Global Health Insurance Card on his behalf. To apply on behalf of a baby, you will need yo enter your personal details first and then add the details of your baby. You will receive a new GHIC , and the card will arrive with your baby’s card. It means that you will need to renew your card to be able to apply for a card for your baby.

Baby EHIC application

GHIC for a child under 16

If your child is under 16, you will still need to apply for an GHIC on his behalf. The process is similar to how you apply on behalf of a baby. You will need to apply for an Global Health Insurance Card for yourself first, and you will then be prompted to enter the details of your child or children.

Apply for your card

The card is free when you apply with the NHS. We provide a submission service in exchange for a modest fee. By assisting you with your application, we help you get your card in a timely manner. We also help you keep track of when you should renew your cards. Indeed, it happens quite often that the cardholder realizes his card has expired when it needs it, most of the time a few days before travelling, or worse, while queuing in a hospital abroad.

To avoid this situation, we recommend you to renew the cards of your entire family at the same time. This way all the cards will expire at the same time too. We will send you multiple reminders to remind you when your GHIC card is about to expire.
To start your application process, please click here >

For maximum cover, we strongly recommend you to also get a private travel insurance policy that covers your whole family when you are abroad. Indeed, there are some cases where your GHIC will not cover you: private clinic, cruise, mountain rescue, repatriation to the UK. Private travel insurance is covering these aspects and work in addition to your health card. You can find out more here and compare prices here > Before travelling to Spain, please check carefully your private travel insurance policy. You should make sure that any hospital is covered, and not only public-funded hospitals. Indeed, treatments received in public-funded hospitals are already covered by your GHIC.