The 10 most popular holiday destinations for 2019

The 10 most popular holiday destinations for 2019

Are you planning your next holiday and in need of some inspiration? What were the most visited cities in 2018? Each year, Mastercard reveals its Global Destination Cities Index. With the rise of nationalism in many countries across the planet, international travel is more and more important. You will find below the 10 first visited cities in 2018: it will give you a good overview of the travel trends for 2019! This year’s results also include a very useful new indicator: how much money tourist spent per day while visiting. You will discover that there are very important discrepancies, revealing the kind of tourists each cit is targeting primarily.

The top 3 cities are Bangkok, London, and Paris. They come as no surprise as these 3 cities all benefit from a very rich cultural tradition, a fantastic tourism infrastructure, and many leisure offers. These are mandatory ingredients a city has to develop or benefit from if it wants to attract millions of tourists.

1 – Bangkok, Thailand.

With more than 20 million visitors in 2018, Bangkok remains at the top of the index. And will probably stay for years to come with an expected growth of around 10% for 2019! It’s time to head to Thailand and discover the Land of Smiles. Visitors stayed around 5 days in Bangkok and spent $173 per day, which is slightly more than in London and New York.

2 – London, United Kingdom.

London is still one of the visitors’ favorite. With 19.8 million tourists last year, and despite political uncertainty, London remains very attractive. It has a unique blend of culture and amazing landmarks such as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. However, Brexit may have a strong impact on tourism.

3 – Paris, France.

Paris is often nicknamed the City of Love, and arguably the most beautiful city in the world. You will be amazed by the French gastronomy and the beauty of the architecture. Some of the most impressive museums in the world are in Paris too, as Le Louvre or the Chateau de Versailles. The city is quite dense, which means you may be able to do a lot of things walking if the weather is pleasing. We wrote an article dedicated to Paris. Are you planning to bring your loved one to Paris? Here is a guide of the most romantic things to do in the French capital city. What to do and where to stay for the best romantic weekend in Paris? To know more, click here >

4 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is interesting to see that the 4th most visited city is Dubai, a fairly recent city. Indeed, the “City of Gold” has known a quick development since the 1960s. Even if there a few cultural sites, Dubai is building museums and an Opera to attract all kind of tourists. In average, a tourist will spend more than $500 per day in Dubai, which is the highest in the world! Dubai proposes an incredible diversity of premium leisure activities.

5 – Singapore, Singapore.

This Southeast Asia island city-state has attracted almost 14 million tourists in 2017. To boost its economic development, Singapore has leaglized casinos in 2005. It is also a medical hub: patients travel to Singapore to be medically treated. With fantastic weather all year round, a rich and diverse culture, and amazing architecture, Singapore will fascinate you.

Singapore has an incredible nightlife

6 – New York, United Stated of America, 13.3 million visitors

7 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12.58 million visitors

8 – Tokyo, Japan, 11.93 million visitors

9 – Istanbul, Turkey, 10.70 million visitors

10 – Seoul, South Korea, 9.54 million visitors


We hope this list will inspire you and you will discover new amazing cities this year! Moreover, if you want to discover the full Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, click here >  Before travelling, make sure your passport is valid and you bring your Global Health Insurance Card. Apply For Your Global Health Insurance Card Here > 

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