Top 5 Gay Prides to visit in 2019

Top 5 Gay Prides to visit in 2019

Are you planning to attend a Gay Pride in 2019? Gay Prides are held annually in large cities to promote diversity and equality. This year, exceptional events are coming to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Vienna is welcoming the Europride for 2 weeks. And New York City will host the World Pride to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. The gay pride season is so diverse and rich that you may need a hand to pick the celebration that suits you. Here is a quick guide of the top 5 Gay Prides to attend in 2019… and 5 bonus ones! What an exciting year ahead of us!

1 – New York City, USA

A summer night in June 1969 ignited the modern fight for LGBT equality. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of this night known as Stonewall,  (June 1969) the World Pride will be held in New York City from Sunday 12, May – Sunday 30, June. The Stonewall 50 Pride will celebrate a half-century of progress for LGBT liberation. Hence, we recommend you to book your trip quickly. Organizers expect this event to be the biggest Pride ever, with between 3 and 4 million visitors!

2 – Vienna Europride 2019, Austria

Vienna will be hosting the EuroPride 2019. The motto of this year is “Visions of Pride”. Therefore all attendees are invited to confront and put personal visions into reality. The organizers are expecting over a million people to attend the festival in the city centre. The Europride will take place from Saturday 1, June – Sunday 16, June, and the Rainbow Parade is planned on Saturday 15, June. In conclusion, the Vienna 2019 Pride is an amazing reason to visit Vienna and discover Austrian hospitality.

3 – Paris, France

This year will be fantastic for the LGBT community in France will 2 very big celebrations. Firstly, the classic Marche des Fiertes LGBT will happen on Saturday 29, June. There is something very special about celebrating Pride in Paris. The parade between Jardin du Luxembourg and Place de la Republique is unique as you are walking in the beautiful historical city centre. Most importantly, Paris is known as the city of love and it is very romantic to end the festivities in Le Marais during a warm summer night.

Secondly, the Disney Pride at Disneyland Paris on the 1st June promises to be the Pride Extravaganza of the year! If you like Disney Movies, all your favourite characters will be here to celebrate diversity. As the event lasts 2 days, it is great to book accommodation on site. However, we recommend you to be very quick as this event will be sold out very soon.

To sum up, Paris will be blessed with its classic Pride Parade and an extraordinary Gay Pride in Disneyland. If you would like to know more about Paris, here is our guide >

4 – London, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home of many Pride celebrations. The 2 biggest are the London Pride and the Brighton & Hove Pride Festival.

Firstly, the London Pride (Saturday, 6 July) starts with a parade in the city centre and ends up on Trafalgar Square with a giant concert. The attendees continue the day in the gay area called Soho. Expect the streets to be really packed! However, the ambiance is extremely joyous and a real celebration of diversity. It is an amazing time to visit London, in the middle of the summer.

Secondly, the Brighton and Hove Pride Festival (Friday, 2 August to Sunday, 4 August) welcomes you by the Channel in a lovely seaside town. You will certainly love this celebration as the festivities are spread all over the city and there is a very relaxed atmosphere. We highly recommend the Brighton and Hove Pride Festival as A-list artists are invited each year. Britney Spears was there last year, and Queen Kylie Minogue is coming this year, along with Jessie J. and Clean Bandit. Click here to book your tickets >

5 – Maspalomas Gay Pride, Gran Canaria, Spain, 02 May – 12 May 2019

Gran Canaria is famous for its Pride festivities twice a year: the Summer Pride (02 May – 12 May) and the Winter Pride (04 November – 10 November) Gran Canaria is one of the favourite destinations for gay tourists. And you will quickly understand why when arriving on the island. Enjoy great music, festival atmosphere, and the sea: the perfect cocktail for partying until the end of the night!

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6 – Madrid, Spain, Friday 28, June – Sunday 7, July

7 – Tel Aviv, Israel, Sunday 9, June – Friday, 14 June

8 –  São Paulo, Brazil, Sunday 23, June

9 – Berlin Pride, Germany, Saturday 27, July

10 – Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 27 to August 4.


A vous de jouer ! Try for yourself!

We hope you will have a wonderful Pride Season around the world. And remember, before travelling, make sure your passport is valid and you bring your Global Health Insurance Card. Apply For Your Global Health Insurance Card Here >