What to do in Paris for the Best Romantic Weekend?

What to do in Paris for the Best Romantic Weekend?

Paris is very often called the city of love and romance. Are you planning to bring your loved one to Paris? Here is a guide of the most romantic things to do in the French capital city. What to do and where to stay for the best romantic weekend in Paris? Follow the guide!

How to get to Paris?

Paris is located in the middle of France, and very easily accessible from any country in the world. There are different ways to get there. You can travel to Paris via train from any European country. It takes less than 2h from Brussel and 3h from London. The train is a very convenient way as you will arrive in the heart of the city. There are also 2 main airports that are linked to the city via train. If you are coming from the UK or Northern Europe countries close to France, we would recommend using the train. As you will be crossing borders, remember to bring your passport and your European Health Insurance Card with you. It will ensure you are covered if you need to receive medical treatment while you are in France. To know more >

Where to stay in Paris?

Paris is the capital of luxury, so if you are planning to stay in a swanky hotel, you will easily find suitable accommodation. There is a high concentration of palaces in the city centre, like the Four Seasons George V, the Ritz, or the Plaza-Athenee. If you are lucky enough to consider these palaces, there is nothing quite like having breakfast on a balcony in a Parisian palace, in front of the Eiffel Tower. You will definitely be crowned King or Queen of Romanticism!

Compared to other large cities like London or New York, Paris is more concentrated. The population density is quite incredible in Paris! It is good news for you as it means that you may be able to reach most of the touristic attractions walking. Paris counts 20 arrondissements, and each one has a very distinctive personality. Shopping addicts and fashionistas will stay in the 8th or the 1st. Members of the LGBTQ community may prefer the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. And families will certainly enjoy the 16th and the 7th. Of course, there is no absolute rule. We recommend to do your research and look for the arrondissement that will make your trip to Paris to most enjoyable! You can find great flats on Airbnb and hotels for all budgets.

Our good addresses:
Le Ritz, 15 Place Vendôme (£££)
Hotel Jules & Jim, Le Marais (££)
Mama Shelter Paris, 11th arrondissement (£)

What to do in Paris travel do not forget your European Health Insurance Card

What to do in Paris?

If you are in Paris for a long weekend, it is important to focus on the things you like. Even after several years in the city one always discovers a new area. Museums, visits, restaurants, shows: you will not have time to be bored!

Try to live like a Parisian! For example, start your day enjoying a cafe on a terrace. Then, explore an area and walk without a map. Allow yourself to feel lost. You will certainly find a romantic place, a restaurant, or a shop. Enjoy the French cuisine, and be curious. Not all French people eat snails! Le Bouillon Chartier (9th) is an emblematic address to discover the gastronomy. It is also very affordable. Le Comptoir de l’Arc (16th) will immerse you in the Parisian ambiance for a very reasonable price. Monsieur Bleu (16th) is a very elegant address that has it all. The view on the Seine river and the Eiffel Tower, the chic ambiance and the food.

Paris counts many museums. We recommend you to discover the Musee d’Orsay, where you will find impressionism masterpieces. The Centre Pompidou is a fantastic contemporary art, with pieces from Klein and Otto Dix. The Louvre is arguably the most beautiful museum in the world. However, it is immense! Do you research before, as you would need days to go through it entirely.

Our good addresses:
Le V, Four Seasons Hotel George V, 8th arrondissement (£££)
Monsieur Bleu, 16th arrondissement (££)
Le Bouillon Chartier, 9th arrondissement (£)

A vous de jouer ! Try for yourself!

We hope you will enjoy living like a Parisian and make the most of your trip. Before travelling, make sure your passport is valid and you bring your Global Health Insurance Card. Apply For Your Global Health Insurance Card Here >

One of our associates is French and has spent 7 years in Paris. Please comment below if you have any question!

What to do in Paris travel do not forget your European Health Insurance Card