Will the coronavirus outbreak affect your travel plans?

Will the coronavirus outbreak affect your travel plans?

The Coronavirus outbreak makes the headlines daily since 31 December 2019. Every day, we read worrying news and concerns are growing. The whole world population is now anxious. The organizers of the Geneva Motor Show have decided to cancel the event. We do not know yet if this Summer Japan Olympic Games will go ahead. Travellers are now worried about booking their spring vacations because of the growing concerns. 

Coronavirus Outbreak

Last week, in Spain’s Canary Islands, the authorities have enforced the quarantine of 1000 guests at a hotel. The authorities have enforced this quarantine after one confirmed case of coronavirus. In Italy, a country with the third most cases in the world, tourist hotspots in Milan and Venice are deserted. The Italian towns now warn people to stay home, creating virtual ghost towns. And earlier this month in Hawaii, two vacationers from Japan were tested positive for the virus after touring Maui and Oahu. 

Formula 1 has not announced yet if the Season is going ahead or not. At the University of Michigan, the football team has cancelled its annual trip overseas. So far, government officials have only warned against non-essential travel to China. They have also issued travel warnings for South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau. 

The situation is changing daily

Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director of CDC said, “Our travel notices are changing almost daily as we get new information and we believe these precautions are working.” Major cruise lines are strengthening their passenger-screening. They are able to deny anyone who has travelled to or from China within the last two weeks. Some airlines are cancelling flights to new outbreak areas. 

Always travel with a valid GHIC (formerly known as EHIC)

This global situation stresses the importance of the Global Health Insurance Card. If you decide to travel, we strongly recommend you to do so with a valid GHIC. This way you are as protected as possible if anything happens to you or your family. If you want to know more about the protection offered by the card, please click here >
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Finally, the coronavirus outbreak is spreading quickly and news reports keep coming. Therefore we recommend you to check the latest news on the official World Health Organization website. Click here to have access to the latest news regarding the outbreak > Being informed and aware of the risks and the existing solutions or progress helps everyone to keep safe.